IBM, Vicom Infinity And Privakey Presentation

Author: Brian Ross
Date: 2021/05/13 10:16:33
Version: 1.0

IBM, Vicom Infinity And Privakey Presentation

Brewing innovative applications in CICS and Connecting CICS to the Future

We are proud to be participating in this talk hosted by our friends at Vicom Infinity. In this talk Leigh Compton of IBM will discuss CICS' current support for Java applications and Privakey and Vicom will present our approach to creating the Privakey to CICS gateway.

To see the Privakey to CICS gateway in action visit here.

DateTuesday May 18, 2021
Time12:00PM - 1:00 EST
LocationOnline webinar , click here to join the Webex

Session Description:

Part 1 presented by Leigh Compton

CICS's current support for Java Applications - CICS is an unparalleled mixed language application server and as such has been embracing new languages and technologies as appropriate. Recent investments in Java enable you to do more with your CICS application platform than ever before. Java is an extremely popular language for authoring applications which can run in many different environments and now CICS fully supports Java EE 8, Jakarta EE 8, and Spring Boot, making it easier to develop and deploy Java applications into CICS. This session will provide an overview of CICS's current support for Java applications in the form of development tooling and runtimes.

Part 2 presented by Brian Ross

Privakey; Connecting CICS to the Future - The mainframe, COBOL and CICS are the underlying framework for countless transactions, quietly processing millions upon millions of records a second. However, what happens when something goes wrong? Exceptions happen – bad data, rules exceptions and work-flow requirements often require human interaction. Vicom Infinity (experts in all things IBM) and Privakey (leaders in the emerging category of Transaction Intent Verification) created the CICS to Privakey Gateway to facilitate seamless, user-friendly remediation of these exceptions. There were countless IBM and CICS tools available to us to facilitate the development of this gateway. In this talk we will discuss the options considered, the approach we ultimately chose and the challenges we faced along the way.

Speaker Bios:

Leigh Compton is a Consulting IT Specialist in the IBM Advanced Technology Group in the USA. She holds a degree in Education from Auburn University, along with graduate courses in Software Engineering and Information Science. She has over 40 years of experience with CICS, and specializes in connectivity, integration, and security, along with CICS modernization.

Brian Ross, Privakey Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, has 20 years of experience spearheading the articulation, development, and management of innovative technology solutions. He currently serves as Chief Product Officer of Privakey. Brian is responsible for ensuring that the promise of simple and secure authorization becomes a reality for businesses and consumers alike. Prior to joining the team, Brian worked as a consultant at Groundswell and Enterpulse, developing and managing solutions for a diverse range of companies that included Coca-Cola, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Standard and Poor’s, BMW NA, and T-Mobile. Earlier in his career, Brian worked in product management in Citibank’s Global Transaction Services group

Session Recording

To be uploaded here after the event.